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Last Post 02 Aug 2017 06:56 PM by  timvdh
New "Statistics" Feature
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02 Aug 2017 06:56 PM
    It is now possible to get more insight into the selection algorithm. Check the new statistics page:

    This lists the probability of all stocks selectable by the aivest optimizer. The list is being updated on a daily basis. You may also check if a certain stock is present in the list by using the filter under the name heading.

    In general the top 1500 stocks (worldwide) ranked by market capitalization are supposed to be contained in the list. Due to data availability to the aivest data providers less than 1500 stocks may be listed at times. It is also possible, that a relevant stock is missing - again due to limited data availability.

    The listed probabilities do not reflect the true probability of each stock, since the optimizer will always optimize for low risk. Therefore "slow" stocks (low volatility) and stocks offsetting risk of a majority of other stocks will have a higher change to be selected for your portfolio. The probability in the statistics page only displays the initial change of the stock to be included in a portfolio, it can not reflect the probability of such selected stock to stay in the final portfolio.
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